Author: Billy Strawter Jr

For Detroit clerk: Gilchrist; Sossi in District 1 – Detroit News Endorsement

The Detroit city clerk’s office became a national embarrassment in 2016, when half of the votes cast by city voters were ineligible for recount because the poll books didn’t match the ballots, or were missing altogether. Given the pivotal role Michigan played in the presidential election, this could have been disastrous had a recount actually…

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A Note on Publishing Events

One challenge many Detroiters face when wanting to become more involved in city government is knowing where to start. This is especially true when you are passionate about issues that lesser known boards or commissions are responsible for addressing. The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners or the City of Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority are just…

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DFA Endorses Garlin Gilchrist II for Detroit City Clerk

DFA Endorses Garlin Gilchrist II for Detroit City Clerk April 7, 2017 – 10:00 am Today, Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed Garlin Gilchrist II in his campaign for Detroit City Clerk. The endorsement of Gilchrist is part of the organization’s commitment to investing $500,000 in progressive municipal candidates this cycle. DFA has 1,948 members in…

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