Detroit Vote Fund

Thanks to supporters like you, we had an amazing Election Day. More than 140 volunteers stood outside all day in the cold to encourage voters to #StandTALLforDetroit. Another 20 held down our offices, propelling us to a decisive 9+ point win amongst Detroiters who voted at the polls.

But there was a sudden, sharp, and confusing turn around 10:30 p.m., and the lead flipped. The final, unofficial results tabulated last night showed a razor-thin 1.51% difference between us and the incumbent.1

Throughout the months of September, October, November, and on Election Day, we documented and reported out the chaos and confusion absentee voters were experiencing. Issues such as:

  • Voters like Mary McMillan receiving two confirmations for absentee ballots instead of one
  • Voters like Vivian Phillips being told by the Department of Elections that they hadn’t requested absentee ballots yet still receiving them
  • Voters like Nelson Saldana, who went to vote in person Tuesday but was erroneously told that he’d already voted absentee
  • Precincts like those at Golightly Technical Center that experienced broken down machines and inconsistent tabulation at the polls

We launched this campaign to bring transparency and accountability to the voting process because our votes in Detroit are too important to not protect. That is still the case, and that is why we told the media that we’re exploring all options at this point, including a possible recount.2

To support that effort, we’ve established the Detroit Voting Openness and Transparency Effort (VOTE). Will you chip in $50 to the Detroit VOTE fund?

Yes, I’ll chip in $50 for transparency.

I’ll donate a different amount.

Thank you—let’s keep standing TALL together.



  1. “Gilchrist raises voting issues, mulls recount”, Detroit News, November 8, 2018

  1. “Garlin Gilchrist II considers recount request in Detroit clerk’s race”, Detroit Free Press, November 8, 2008