Accessible City Council

Accessible City Council

One of the tasks the Detroit City Charter gives the City Clerk is to serve as the official record keeper for the Detroit City Council. While the Charter gives no guidance about how those records are stored and how citizens can see those records, let’s make no mistake that if you are a Detroiter, they are your records.

Quickly publish videos and transcripts of City Council sessions

I will work to make sure all records from open sessions of City Council or their subcommittees are easy to access. This means agendas will be easy to find online. Videos taken of council sessions will be closed-captioned, transcribed, and synced with agendas so you can easily find the point of each meeting that matters most to you. City Council members’ voting records will be searchable. In short, the work I did to make City data open and accessible will continue when I am sworn in as City Clerk.

Return the City Code to Detroiters

Right now, the full municipal code of ordinances of the City of Detroit is only available online through a third party private company that has copyrighted it. In other words, Detroiters don’t control how the code can be accessed, in yet another example of our self determination being taken away. I will return the code to the citizens of Detroit and make it freely and easily accessible to everyone without restriction.