A Note on Publishing Events

One challenge many Detroiters face when wanting to become more involved in city government is knowing where to start. This is especially true when you are passionate about issues that lesser known boards or commissions are responsible for addressing. The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners or the City of Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority are just a few examples.

Currently, the only way most people will know about many of these meetings is by going downtown to the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center and finding the bulletin board meeting notices are posted on. As I found out from one frustrated man a few days ago, this is also the only reliable way for people to find out about meeting cancellations, too.

Let’s be clear, that is not a model for making sure citizens have a voice in the matters that directly affect them. This needs to change.

For the duration of my campaign, I will be posting as many official meeting notices as possible on my Facebook page as a way to encourage more people to participate.

As a city, if we want more people to vote, we need to remove barriers for people to participate. Opening more polling places, better training for polling staff, clearer information about voting, and more drop-off points for absentee ballots are all a part of reclaiming our voice as Detroiters. So is making sure we all have the information we need to participate in the boards and committees that matter.

I’m ready to #StandTALLforDetroit and make it easy to access information about our city.